Bike Racks


Rev3 Rentals offers premier bike racks for your events.  Never again will you have to worry about bike storage locations getting cluttered!!

Each rack holds 8 road bikes and each bike receives a solid 2 feet of space.  Ideal for transitions in triathlons because they eliminate the ability for participants to move another person’s bike or transition area!  Bikes are kept in place by their wheel while resting on the ground, not hanging by it’s seat on a pole where it could fall off.

These racks will make your participants feel like Professionals!!


  • Easy to move around on site without requiring pieces to put together.  Lay it on the ground and you are finished!!
  • Made of strong material
  • Maintains regular spacing for bikes
  • No Tools Required
  • 8’ in length
  • One rack accommodates 8 road bikes

These bike racks are extremely convenient and add a great feel and look to your event.  Rev3 Rentals is able to accommodate large or small requests.

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